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Medjugorje - Further comment including an opinion by Pope Francis

The following memorandum and its links are quoted from the website.


TO: Priests and Deacons of the Archdiocese of St. Louis
      Members of the Curia

FROM: Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

DATE:  March 3, 2015

RE:  Medjugorje Events

I have received a request from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to remind everyone that they are not to participate in events that promote the so-called visionaries of Medjugorje and in particular Mr. Ivan Dragicevic.  Please make this information available to the Lay Faithful.

There was an event scheduled for March 18th which has now been cancelled.  No other such events should be scheduled.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Archbishop.  Thank you for your assistance.



Revised SSPX-GB web site

For those who are interested in the Traditional Latin Mass the Fraternal Society of St. Pius X has revised its web site and brought it up to date as far as announcements, events and photographs are concerned.

The Traditional Latin Mass

For anyone living within travelling distance of the centre of Leicester in the East Midlands region of England, the Traditional Latin Mass* is available at 5.30pm each Sunday (but please check the Announcements page on the web site for occasional variations) with tea/coffee and biscuits available afterwards. A few Missals and mantillas are available for use during the Mass, and confessions are heard between 5.00pm and 5.25pm before Mass.

*This Mass is offered by the Fraternal Society of Saint Pius X, and Pope Benedict XVI said that Catholics attending these Masses fully meet their Sunday Obligation. Furthermore, both Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Hoyos have stated that the SSPX is NOT in schism. The Society has supply jurisdiction for all the Sacraments and there is no doubt that Sacraments administered by members of the Society are fully valid. This link provides the facts about the Vatican's acceptance of the SSPX in contrast with the untruths which the detractors of the Society would have the faithful believe.

" There exists now an enormous religious ignorance. In the times since the Council it is evident we have failed to pass on the content of the Faith.

(Pope Benedict XVI speaking in October 2002.)



Daphne McLeod's series, which is still being repeated on EWTN, is now available for UK purchase in a set of four DVDs covering this lost ‘content of the Faith' and how to teach it.

No.1: Almighty God; How we are in His Image; The Promise of a Redeemer;

No.2: The Blessed Trinity; Our Lady, The Incarnation, Jesus' Life on earth;

No.3: Sanctifying Grace, Baptism; Church and Bible; Holy Communion;

No.4: The Moral Law; The Sacramental System; Our Life of Prayer and     the Four Last Things.                 

This set of 4 DVDs is available from:                          

Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice
4, Fife Way,                            
Great Bookham,
Surrey. KT23 3PH.

for only £25.                        

A great Christmas Gift for Parents, Teachers and Parish Catechists.

Announcement re: Sacred Heart Nightly Devotion:

Based on the requests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to St Margaret Mary, and on the writings of the world famous Apostle of the Sacred Heart, Fr Mateo Crawley-Boevey SS.CC, the Sacred Heart Nightly Devotion is being relaunched as a means of making reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to win graces and blessings for our families and for society in these perilous times, when the family and Christian values are under attack more than ever.
Night adoration consists of family members giving up one hour a month in between the hours of 9pm and 5am, to make a Holy Hour of Reparation within the home.  They simply let us know which hour and which day of the month they wish to make the Holy Hour, and we will send them a reminder via e-mail, to help them keep their commitment.
As well as the normal intentions Father Mateo had suggested, we have added one for the UK. That is, "The creation of good Catholic schools for both genders, upholding all Catholic values."

A leaflet is available from the web site below:

The web site has been translated into Spanish and French as well.

God bless,

Holy Hour Promoter
(Isabel Grimer)

For parents interested in home-schooling. 

A major factor in home-schooling is the expense – and this petition is an attempt to get funding, among other things, to help parents choose homeschooling.  

Here's the link.

Pro Ecclesia Shop

The booklet "Will your Grandchildren be Catholic?" is particularly recommended.

"Will Your Grandchildren be Catholic?"

A whistleblower reveals the inside story of the betrayal of Catholic children by our Catholic education establishment . . . and names those responsible.

Definitely a "MUST" read!

This remarkable book by Daphne McLeod is now once more available and at the bargain price of £2.50 including p & p.

Pro Eccesia Et Pontifice Rosary Crusade.

We are praying that all the bishops of England and Wales will recognise this crisis and each take full responsibility for the proper teaching of the Faith in the schools, parishes and seminaries that he, and he alone, is answerable for in his diocese;

• that our bishops will maintain complete obedience to the Holy Father;

• that our bishops will exercise the powers of their office to defend their flocks against heretics, apostates, false prophets and teachers;

• that our bishops will use their authority to correct errors and false teaching;

• that our bishops will foster the spiritual lives of their flocks by word and example.

As failure to do this for the last forty years has caused the ‘genuine crisis' our Rosary crusade could be enough to resolve it, for as St Thomas of Canterbury wrote in a letter to the bishops of England and Wales in 1170,

“God gives no harvest unless what the bishop plants is the Faith of Peter and unless he himself assents to Peter's teaching” .

We suggest that everyone pledges ten Rosaries at least for this intention and those who can manage more, add all they can. We hope to set up a place on our web-site to record your pledges and of course pledges can be sent to us by post. We would like to present the Bishops of England and Wales with this Spiritual Bouquet when they meet next November so you have plenty of time to be really generous.

To tell us of your pledge (you can add additional details in your e-mail if you wish), please click here.

A good quality Rosary can be seen at the PEEP Shop via the Pro Ecclesia Shop button on the left of this page.

God Bless.

Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar

A new web site dedicated to Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar, Portugal, has been created. It features a video and a brief life history written by Kevin Rowles.

The site can be viewed at .

A Great Step Forward

For readers who have wondered where they could find the Teachings of the Catholic Church in spoken form, we now have a collection of about 175 talks, in .mp3 format, by some eminent Catholic speakers, including our own Daphne McLeod and her set of 16 talks on "What We Catholics Believe". There are many more talks, on Confession, on the Sacraments, on the Gospels, on the Mass - and they are all free to download. Just click on the button called "Talks - free downloads" on the left, and take your pick. Unfortunately, due to the size of the files involved, it really is necessary to download them with a broadband connection. Feel free to record them on to disc or tape, but they must not be altered in any way, nor may they be sold on.

Please tell your friends about this new resource - we think it will be of great value to catechetics, and indeed all the Faithful, all around the world and by making it widely-known you will be doing something to defend the Faith.