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Volume 18 Issue no.1- January 2014
The newsletter of "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" supporting the teachings of the Catholic Church and published periodically, approximately every four months.



  1. The importance of defending Our Lord and the Sacred Truths he has revealed
  2. Response to our review of the R.E. Programme “Come and See” – from lay Catholics, priests and from our Bishops
  3. Future Action
  4. A Gentle Reminder
  5. “Dear Friends” letter
  6. A Prayer Card

First I want to wish all our readers and their families every blessing in 2014. May
Almighty God Bless you and reward you for all the good work you do and may He arm you with the Graces necessary for you to continue faithful to your Apostolate in these difficult times.


I feel this may prove to be a very important year for the Church in this country, a
year in which we may all be called on to stand up for the Glorious Truth our Blessed Lord revealed to us – see St John ch18 v 37.

The Truth Our Lord is talking about is the Truth about Himself and about us, which only God can reveal. This is the Truth He promised “would set us free”, free from ignorance and doubt. It is not some man-made ideas which other men can change at will. It comes from God Himself, so it is sacroscant. It never changes even when the times change, as it is constant. Objective Truths are unchanging, whether historical, geographical, scientific, etc. so it is no surprise that this is also true of Divine Revelation.

Teaching Truth down the ages.

As we know, before He ascended into Heaven Jesus ensured this Body of Truth
would be passed on, intact, down the centuries by founding one Church to teach “ all nations everything He had commanded”, and promising to be with this one
Church until the end of the world. We must always remember Jesus founded only One Church, to teach only one set of Truths on Doctrine and Morals, and He is with this one Church continuously from 33 AD until the end of the world. No other Body can claim this and no other body can compare with the One, Holy, Apostolic Church of Christ, the Catholic Church.
We must never be tempted to forget this but remain faithful to the Sacred Trust we have been given and always at every opportunity follow Our Lord and give honest witness to the Sacred Truth so lovingly entrusted to us, no matter what the cost.
This understanding should never make us arrogant or proud as we have not earned this great honour. On the contrary it has been given to us freely in spite of our unworthiness, so we must be humbly grateful for such a wonderful Gift. We show our gratitude, by not keeping this Gift to ourselves but by each doing our best to ensure that this full teaching is imparted to all, especially to the children and young people in our Catholic schools and parishes. We must not allow them to be led astray by false teaching consisting of man-made ideas, nor can we let them be ‘short-changed’ with an incomplete teaching of the Truths of the Faith. The Lord wants them to know what his Church teaches so they can live the good lives which will lead them to Heaven.

All this has been accepted by Catholics down the ages and it has inspired them to “Go and teach…” whatever the cost. For centuries monks and sisters ran schools, visited parishes to teach and travelled far and wide as missionaries to other countries. When priests were persecuted here and in countries like Japan, the teaching continued by lay people, so the Faith survived.

In 1850, when Catholic churches and schools were legal again in this country, our four British bishops wrote a joint Pastoral Letter urging the faithful to build schools before churches. This is because they knew how essential it is that Catholic teaching is passed on to each successive generation and that if there were no Catholic schools doing that here, there would soon be no Catholic Church here either.

They also knew that Catholics could attend Sunday Mass in the school until a
church was built and many schools, still in use, were built with that in mind.
Official statistics show that from 1850 to 1970 the teaching was so faithful to Our
Lord’s Revelation the Catholic Church in this country grew by leaps and bounds. I remember that in the forties and fifties we were always collecting to build more
churches and schools for this fast growing Church. Now we are selling these
churches off and filling our schools with non-catholics. With the onset of “Modern
Catechetics” the steady growth ended and the destruction of all we had built up

Back to 2014.

The best way to destroy the Church in any country is to stop sound Catholic
teaching or to alter it. Divine Revelation should be taught in all its fullness and never replaced with man-made ideas as they will fail to capture people’s hearts. Is this what is happening in this country today? Is this failure why our numbers are dwindling so fast?

The last issue of “The Flock” examined “Come and See” the latest R.E.
Programme to be approved by the Bishops of England and Wales for use in our

You may remember that it is based on the children’s experience, not on Divine
Revelation, that essentials like Spirit, Grace, Sin, etc are omitted, that Baptism is
merely an “invitation to belong to God’s Family” and that there are many other
departures from or omissions of true Church teaching. Because we are assured that in spite of this it has the approval of our bishops, I also sent my review to every diocesan bishop in England and Wales.

2.  The response to my review of “Come and See”:

The response I received falls into two quite separate divisions –

First, from our Mailing List of 2,400 lay people plus those who visit our web-site.
Both include diocesan priests as well as lay Catholics. I received a very positive
response. Some asked for extra copies to distribute to teachers or parishioners whilst others told me they had written to their bishop about it. No-one tried to pretend that this ‘Modern Catechetics’ is Church teaching.

Secondly, from the twenty two diocesan bishops, three responded.

  1. the first bishop merely asked his secretary to send me a polite acknowledgement;
  2. the second wrote that he had immediately handed it over to his
    Catechetical Director. I wrote back sending him another copy and explaining that I wanted him to read it himself so he knew what the children entrusted to his care were being taught. He did not write again;
  3. the third bishop acknowledged my ‘concerns regarding the ‘Come and See
    syllabus’ and assured me it was not used in his Diocese.

So we have at least one good Catholic diocesan bishop who must be a brave man.
He needs our prayers as life may not be easy for him, but we must pray for all the other bishops too.

Just recently I received another letter from a diocesan bishop in response to a letter I wrote him in November 2013, also about Religious Instruction in Catholic schools - which is what I usually write about. I found his letter rather puzzling as he claims that the “know” in “know, love and serve God” doesn’t mean knowledge about God but “having a personal relationship with him”. Though how you have a personal relationship with someone you know nothing about he did not explain. His Lordship went on to say that his “translation of the Gospel says ‘Go and teach, making disciples of all…’but we are not making disciples of our school children we are just informing people about Jesus…..”. He even says that Jesus did not teach facts but just tried to teach people about Love.

This bishop is obviously very confused but his letter was kind and courteous and I am sure he speaks for many Modern Catechists so he throws some light on their strange position.

The trouble with his argument is that we never have to choose between giving
people Knowledge of God and teaching about Love of God. The Church has, quite rightly, always insisted we teach both. After all they go hand in hand, as knowing about God leads us to love Him and the more we know about his great Goodness the better we can love him.

I would also query some of the Bishop’s statements. He says “We have informed people about Jesus”. But are we informing our school children now? Talk to any intelligent 18 year old who has spent 14 years in Catholic schools, about Jesus and you will be astounded at how little they know about him. If you examine some of their R.E. textbooks you will understand this ignorance.

When we did inform our pupils about Jesus, before 1970, we had only 10% leaving the Church, now we are meant to teach only about Love 96% Catholic school leavers lapse every year.

Again the Bishop tells us “Jesus did not teach facts, he tried to teach the people about Love”. Here are just a few factual quotes from Jesus, “Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” “I am the Bread of Life”….Before Abraham was made I am.” “What God has joined together no man can put asunder” And finally, before Pilate, “For this was I born, for this came I into the world, that men might know the Truth”.
There are many more examples and there are the parables all showing Jesus
teaching us Truths, (facts if you like that word better), though of course he taught
us about Love as well – Love of God and love of our neighbour for his sake.

Is Collegiality putting Unity above Truth ?

One of the problems today is the misguided interpretation the bishops in this
country have given to “collegiality”. I remember that the late Cardinal Arinze was
very concerned about this and rightly so. The Church has always required each
individual diocesan bishop to be responsible for the Religious Instruction, Liturgy, etc in his diocese whatever the bishop in the next diocese is doing. But now our bishops vote on these decisions when they meet in Synods and the majority decision is expected to be followed by all.

Obviously from the above, the decision on “Come and See” was not a unanimous decision but nevertheless, because there was a majority vote every bishop is expected to follow it whether he approves of the syllabus or not. In this situation, a bishop who obeys his conscience, even when it is contrary to the majority opinion, as St John Fisher did (see the prayer card), is to be respected and supported in prayer. We must pray for more such bishops.

According to Cardinal Arinze, may he rest in peace, the second Vatican Council
envisaged Collegiality as more social interaction between bishops so help, advice, and support can be given when necessary. They did not vote for the abdication of responsibility which submitting to a majority vote entails.


No faithful Catholic can be happy with the present situation. Our Church numbers are dwindling fast, our precious young people are too ill-informed about the truths of their Faith to live it as they should and we are getting less and less priestly and religious vocations.

Our present bishops, with a very few exceptions, seem to be so far under the spell of their diocesan catechists they cannot see that they are systematically destroying the Church by their strange version of Catholic teaching. If they worked for a secular company and were losing numbers so badly they would definitely be called to account.

What can ordinary Catholics do ?

Teach the Faith if you are given the opportunity. For instance, if your parish is
looking for people to prepare children for the Sacraments offer to help in case
someone with the wrong ideas get the job and leads the children astray.

As we have no authority to put sound teaching back in our schools, we must expose this scandal every way we can by letters to our teachers, priests, bishops, the Catholic press, Rome, etc. We can also determine to challenge any departure from the Truth we meet at talks, in letters and in articles in Catholic papers, etc. If you feel you are not well informed enough to do this competently you can learn more about the Faith from the Catechism, talks on our web-site, and other good web-sites like www.catholictruthscotland.com

Finally, it could help to talk about this scandal to other Catholics who may not be
aware of it. Invite fellow parishioners to coffee or tea and discuss the teaching of
religion in our schools. Buy or borrow modern religious textbooks to examine and discuss the lapsation rate from Catholic schools and why it is so much higher than it used to be or from Catholic children in State schools. Suggest they also write to bishops and to Rome describing what is happening and end your meeting with prayers for an improvement in this crucial part of Catholic work. Be prepared for disagreements and even for unpopularity from some, but you may make others think and act.

THE “WHY” COURSE – a three-part introduction to Catholic teaching.

It is a real joy to be able to praise unreservedly a Religious Instruction Resource
which has been written and produced in this country. The “WHY” Course starts at the beginning with Almighty God, makes no assumptions to any previous knowledge and tackles the great Mysteries of our Faith without any hesitation.

After a brief Introduction, part one discusses the question “Why God? part two
“Why Christ?” and part three “Why Church?” each time giving Church teaching
briefly but clearly. This is followed by a section posing sixty common queries and
supplying satisfying answers to them, without ever under-estimating the reader’s

Finally there is a Glossary giving the vocabulary necessary if we are to understand Church teaching properly. Difficult concepts such our immortal, spiritual Souls, Grace, Trinity etc. are all covered - indeed the Supernatural is at last given its rightful, essential place. “WHY” is admittedly only an Introduction and the final page suggests ways to learn more about the Faith. One way, of course, would be through the EWTN set of thirteen DVDs “Discovering our Glorious Faith” which we distribute from 4, Fife Way, Bookham. KT23 3PH for £15.

“WHY” has been produced by two Catholic priests, Father Marcus Holden MA
(Oxon) STL and Father Andrew Pinsent MA (Oxon) D.Phil, STB, PhL., PhD.
Father Holden is a Parish Priest and Father Pinsent is a scientist who lectures at
Oxford during the week. He is obviously in a good position to disprove allegations that scientists can’t accept the existence of God. Indeed “WHY” points out how much Catholics, including Catholic priests, have contributed to scientific knowledge.

Finally, “WHY” is presented superbly well. It is sixty-four A4 pages of large clear
print and many excellent coloured pictures and photos. All Catholic schools should possess a copy. The book is available from the CTS for only £4.95 (tel. 020 7834 1363) and there is an excellent DVD to go with it.


I have been astonished by the recent discussions in Catholic papers about remarriage after divorce, as if such a thing were ever possible.

Our Blessed Lord taught that Marriage is a life-long commitment and His Church
has faithfully taught that ever since. Sometimes holding to this Moral Truth has
been at a great price, (for instance when the Pope was unable to allow King Henry VIII to annul his marriage to Queen Katherine to marry Anne Boleyn,) but the Church faithfully held to it and saintly Catholics died rather than sign their names to a re-marriage as there was already a living spouse.

When Jesus proclaimed that no man can put asunder what God has joined in Holy Matrimony, St Peter, speaking to him more privately that evening, suggested that this was a hard teaching. Jesus replied that the Nuptial Grace every validly married person receives each day they are married, is sufficient for them. God does sometimes give us difficult crosses to bear but he never asks the impossible as ‘his Grace is always sufficient for us’. However, we should show sympathy and compassion to Catholics in this sad situation, while remembering the many faithful single Catholics who also live chaste lives, not always from choice.

However, we must agree that problems can arise after marriage and if they concern violence or are really too severe to bear, then separation is permissible. Even divorce is allowed if it is necessary to ensure provision for the children, but never re-marriage. As long as the marriage was valid it is binding and no Catholic can have two living marriage partners at the same time without committing adultery. A Catholic husband or wife who has been divorced, who is not in a state of sin can, of course, receive Holy Communion. A Catholic who has “re-married” and is committing adultery cannot, though he/she should attend Sunday Mass.


Marriages can be declared null only if the couple or one of them did not intend a
life-long commitment, they were being forced into a marriage against their will, or
they were unable to make such a serious decision because of incapacity due to
drink, drugs or mental illness. None of these is likely to occur in modern times but marriage is for children, so a decision to have no children at all, made by one or both spouses, would also invalidate the marriage. However, to get an annulment any of these impediments would have to be testified to by a disinterested third party.

A Hard Saying ?

That is one way of looking at it. But a couple who are really in love long to be united for the rest of their lives so marriage is exactly what they want. Permanent marriage is also best for the children who then have the secure home life they need to develop properly. It is only sad when it goes wrong so our young people need to be taught to think very carefully and to pray hard before they make the solemn Vow to be joined to another ‘til death does them part, because Almighty God will take them at their word and join them ‘til death.

When the Anglicans decided at their Synod in 1930 that Protestant vicars could
remarry divorcees in church, Pope Pius XI wrote “Casti Connuibii” a beautiful
Encyclical on Marriage. This explains that divorce achieves nothing so the Catholic Church can never allow re-marriage while the first spouse is still alive. Here is an extract from “Casti Connubii”.


How great is the dignity of chaste wedlock…Christ Our Lord, Son of the Eternal Father, having assumed the nature of fallen man…raised it to the rank of a truly and great sacrament of the New Law…a great number of men, forgetful of that divine work of redemption, either entirely ignore or shamelessly deny the great sanctity of Christian wedlock, or relying on the false principles of a new and utterly perverse morality, too often trample it under foot. And since these most pernicious errors and depraved morals have begun to spread even amongst the faithful and are gradually gaining ground, in Our office as Christ's Vicar upon earth and Supreme Shepherd and Teacher We consider it Our duty to raise Our voice to keep the flock committed to Our care from poisoned pastures and, as far as in Us lies, to preserve it from harm…let it be repeated as an immutable and inviolable fundamental doctrine that matrimony was not instituted or restored by man but by God; not by man were the laws made to strengthen and confirm and elevate it but by God, the Author of nature, and by Christ Our Lord by Whom nature was redeemed, and hence these laws cannot be subject to any human decrees or to any contrary pact even of the spouses themselves. This is the doctrine of Holy Scripture; this is the constant tradition of the Universal Church; this the solemn definition of the sacred Council of Trent, which declares and establishes from the words of Holy Writ itself that God is the Author of the perpetual stability of the marriage bond, its unity and its firmness. By matrimony, therefore, the souls of the contracting parties are joined and knit together more directly and more intimately than are their bodies, and that not by any passing affection of sense of spirit, but by a deliberate and firm act of the will; and from this union of souls by God's decree, a sacred and inviolable bond arises. Hence the nature of this contract, which is proper and peculiar to it alone, makes it entirely different both from the union of animals entered into by the blind instinct of nature alone in which neither reason nor free will plays a part, and also from the haphazard unions of men, which are far removed from all true and honorable unions of will and enjoy none of the rights of family life. From this it is clear that legitimately constituted authority has the right and therefore the duty to restrict, to prevent, and to punish those base unions which are opposed to reason and to nature;… In the first place Christ Himself lays stress on the indissolubility and firmness of the marriage bond when He says: "What God hath joined together let no man put asunder,"[31] and: "Everyone that putteth away his wife and marrieth another committeth adultery, and he that marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery."… As St. Augustine notes, "Intercourse even with one's legitimate wife is unlawful and wicked where the conception of the offspring is prevented. Onan, the son of Juda, did this and the Lord killed him for it."

May the Father, "of whom all paternity in heaven and earth is named,"[99] Who strengthens the weak and gives courage to the pusillanimous and fainthearted; and Christ Our Lord and Redeemer, "the Institutor and Perfecter of the holy sacraments,"[100] Who desired marriage to be and made it the mystical image of His own ineffable union with the Church; and the Holy Ghost, Love of God, the Light of hearts and the Strength of the mind, grant that all will perceive, will admit with a ready will, and by the grace of God will put into practice, what We by this letter have expounded concerning the holy Sacrament of Matrimony, the wonderful law and will of God respecting it, the errors and impending dangers, and the remedies with which they can be counteracted, so that that fruitfulness dedicated to
God will flourish again vigorously in Christian wedlock.

5. Dear Friends

We must not forget Pope John Paul II’s warning, that “the Church is now facing a
genuine crisis….
” Veritatis Splendor Section 5.

I seem to be giving you a lot to do but when the Church is in crisis we must all be
ready to do everything we can to help. If you feel teaching the Truths of the Faith
is beyond you, get a sound book like the American “Faith and Life Series” from
Ignatius Press, San Diego, California. Book Two covers First Confession and
and Book Six Confirmation.

Also, don’t hesitate to write letters explaining Church teaching. Write to the
Catholic papers as most people who buy a paper read the Letters Page and you will reach a large audience. You may well meet opposition but if you are attacked the Editor should allow you a right to reply so you have a second chance to make your point.

Remember, these days one of our problems is what Pope Benedict called “the
widespread religious ignorance
”. Catholics who have not been taught will make
mistakes about even basic beliefs, and editors of Catholic papers will too often print their letters. If no-one corrects them a great many more Catholics could be led astray. Obviously you must always be courteous but point out any errors and
explain Church teaching clearly.

When necessary, write to your priests, teachers and your Bishop too, and to Rome. It is a great privilege to be allowed to defend Our Lord and His Glorious teaching and it will undoubtedly win you much merit – even if your letters to the papers are not always printed.

A MYSTERY OF INIQUITY by Graham Moorhouse

Imagine if you will, that you are out walking in the country and stagger upon a large apple orchard. On closer inspection you note that none of the trees have more than three or four apples on them, and that most of these are stunted and inedible. You are so puzzled by this that you make enquires locally. You are informed by some elderly locals that it has been like that for the last fifty years.
The owners are ill or lazy perhaps. No, you are advised by locals, they can be seen working hard for long yours in the orchard every day. Are they then stupid or ignorant you wonder. No, you are again told; indeed, they all hold degrees in apple orchard management from some of the most prestigious horticultural colleges in the country.

The mystery becomes even deeper when you learn that up to fifty years ago, the
trees in the orchard were weighted down with big healthy apples. What are we to
make of this mystery? All that we can deduce from the evidence before our eyes is that the present owners, for reasons that are a complete mystery to us, currently want the once fruitful orchard to produce very few poorly formed apples.

The above is a parable of our Catholic schools. Our English Catholic schools once produced hundreds of thousands of ardent well instructed young Catholic. Today, under the management that has been in place since Vatican II, only 4% continue to go to Mass into adulthood and most of these are very poorly instructed, in fact they would be better described as Roman Protestants.

What are we to make of this mystery of iniquity? All that we can deduce from the
evidence before our eyes is that the present owners, i.e. our bishops, for reasons that are a complete mystery to us, must want our once fruitful schools to produce very few and poorly formed Catholics. After fifty years, only the very gullible could still believe this was an accident.

What is the faithful remnant to do about it. There is only one thing we can do, we
must produce and promote sound teaching material for our glorious faith and
(bypassing the bishops until such time as God reinstalls a proper Catholic hierarchy in these islands) get this directly into the hands of as many schools, head teachers, teachers, priests, seminarians, priests, children, parents and grandparents as possible.

The faithful remnant, by the providence of God, now have the Internet to propagate the truth, especially social media. Social media (Face book, twitter etc) are very powerful tools which we need to, indeed must, learn to exploit. When you see a million people on the streets of Paris protesting Gay "marriage" for example, it is by largely by expert use of the social media that the organisers have produced that sort of turn out.

But here comes the crunch. No one on the present PEEP Committee has the set of skills necessary to make optimum use of social media in the service of our glorious faith. So this is a plea: if you are an orthodox Catholic who loves his faith and does have the requisite skill set, please consider offering your services free to PEEP. If you can help, or can persuade someone else to help, please contact Graham on 0132-240-9231.

Finally I want to thank all of you for your kindness and your support over the last
twenty years while I have been writing to you in “The Flock”. I have been greatly
touched by some of the lovely letters and e-mails I have received and have always felt very grateful for your generous donations which enable us to keep going. I am sure too that your prayers and Masses have played an essential part in this work.

As I will be eighty six later this year and I am feeling my age, the time has now
come to bow out gracefully and to hand the reins to someone a bit younger, so this is my last ‘Flock’. I am resigning as Chairman of “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” though I hope to stay on the Committee for a while longer.

Please keep us all and our work in your prayers.

Wishing you all every blessing,

Daphne McLeod
Retired Headteacher of St Joseph’s Catholic Infant School, Upper Norwood. London SE17.


This prayer card is designed to be printed on a sheet of A4 paper or photocard and then cut for trimming and sticking back to back.

It has been pre-loaded to the Internet in portable document format (.pdf) so that its proportions are maintained and so that you can print it out for yourself.

These are the links:

Prayer card side 1                    Prayer card side 2

Writing to Rome    Please play your part to help turn around the desperate situation in this country. Remember when reporting abuses and dissent to Rome, keep letters factual and as brief as possible, giving places and dates where appropriate and enclosing any supporting documentary evidence where possible.
Send to
His Holiness Pope Francis (e-mail:Francis @ vatican.va) a copy of any letter you write to Rome. If you are in any doubt or need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us at Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice on Tel / Fax: 01372 - 454160
or e-mail:
@ aol.com
Address your letters to the following:

On all matters relating to the Church, especially dissent from Catholic doctrine:

Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11
00120, Vatican City State, Europe
Phone: 011 39 06 6988 3357 Fax: 011 39 06 6988 3409
Secretary: The Most Rev.Angelo Amato, S.D.B.

On matters relating to religious instruction in schools and parishes:

Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy
Piazza Pio XII, 3
00120 Vatican City State, Europe
Phone: 011 39 06 6988 4151 Fax: 011 39 06 6988 4845
Secretary: Most Rev. Archbishop Csaba Ternyak

On matters relating to Bishops:

Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops
Palazzo delle Congregazione
Piazza Pio XII, 10
00120 Vatican City State, Europe
Phone:011 39 06 6988 4217 Fax: 011 39 06 6988 4300
Secretary: Most Rev. Archbishop Francesco Monterisi

On matters relating to the family, sex education, contraception, marriage:

President of the Pontifical Council for the Family
Piazza S. Calisto, 16
00120 Vatican City State, Europe
Phone: 011 39 06 6988 7322 Fax: 011 39 06 6988 7214
Secretary: Most Rev. Archbishop Josef Clemens 
   pcpl @ laity.va

On matters relating to the Liturgy and Sacraments:

Prefect of the Congregation for Worship and Sacraments
Palazzo delle Congregazione Piazza Pio XII, 10
00120 Vatican City State, Europe
Phone: 011 39 06 6988 4316 Fax: 011 39 06 6988 3499
Secretary: Most Rev. Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino   

On matters relating to Seminaries, Catholic Schools and Colleges:
Prefect of the Congregation for Education
Piazza Pio XII, 10
00120 Vatican City State, Europe
Phone: 011 39 06 6988 4167 Fax: 011 39 06 6988 4172
Secretary:Most Rev. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, C.S.B.

Contacting the Papal Nuncio for Great Britain (especially about proposals from the Magic Circle):

His Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini                        
The Apostolic Nuncio for Great Britain.                          
54, Parkside, London.  SW19 5NE


High Oaks,
Old Brighton Road North,
Pease Pottage,
West Sussex RH11 9AJ
BIRMINGHAM Archbishop Bernard Longley,
Archbishop's House,
8 Shadwell Street,
Birmingham B4 6EY.
BRENTWOOD Bishop Thomas McMahon,
Bishop's House,
Essex CM4 9BU.
CARDIFF Most Rev'd George Stack
Archbishop's House,
41-43 Cathedral Road,
Cardiff CF11 9HD.
CLIFTON Bishop Declan R.Lang,
St Ambrose,
North Road,
Leigh Woods,
Bristol BS8 3PW.
EAST ANGLIA Sede Vacante,
The White House,
21 Upgate,
Norfolk NR14 7SH.
HALLAM Bishop John Rawsthorne,
75 Norfolk Road,
Sheffield S2 2SZ.
HEXHAM & NEWCASTLE Right Reverend Séamus Cunningham,
Bishop's House,
800 West Road,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE5 2BJ

Bishop Michael Campbell,
Bishop's Apartment,
Cathedral House,
Balmoral Road,
Lancaster LA1 3BT.

LEEDS Vacant
Bishop's House,
13 North Grange Road,
LS6 2BR.
LIVERPOOL Archbishop Patrick Kelly,
Archbishop's House,
Carnatic Road,
Liverpool L18 8BY.
MENEVIA Bishop Thomas Burns,
c/o 27 Convent Street
Swansea SA1 2BX

Bishop Terry Drainey,
The Curial Office,
50a, The Avenue,
Middlesbrough TS5 6QT.

NORTHAMPTON Bishop Peter Doyle,
Bishop's House,
Marriott Street,

Northampton NN2 6AW
NOTTINGHAM Bishop Malcolm McMahon,
Bishop's House,
27 Cavendish Road East,
The Park,
Nottingham NG7 1BB.
PLYMOUTH Bishop Christopher Budd,
Bishop's House,
31 Wyndham. Street West,
Devon PL1 5RZ.
PORTSMOUTH Bishop Philip Anthony Egan,
Bishop's House,
Edinburgh Road,
Hants.  PO1 3HG.
SALFORD Bishop Terence Brain,
Wardley Hall,
Manchester M28 2ND.
SHREWSBURY Bishop Mark Davies,
Curial Offices,
2 Park Street South,
Wirral CH43 4UX.
SOUTHWARK Archbishop Peter Smith
Archbishop's House,
St George's Road,
London SE1 6HX.
WESTMINSTER Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Archbishop's House,
Ambrosden Avenue,
London SW1P 1QJ.
WREXHAM Bishop Peter Bignall,
Bishop's House, Sontley Road,
LL13 7EW


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Mrs Daphne McLeod, 4 Fife Way, Great Bookham, Surrey KT23 3PH

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